real-time extension for the EPANET toolkit
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NRTXSingleton python interpreter object
 CAggregatorTimeSeriesAggregates (and optionally scales) arbitrary many input time series
 CBaseStatsTimeSeriesAn abstract timeseries class for computing statistical data from point values
 CClockA simple clock class for keeping time synchronized
 CCurveFunctionA Curve Function Class to perform arbitrary mapping of values
 CDbPointRecordA persistence layer for databases
 CDmaDma represents a collection of junctions that can be considered together in a control volume
 CElementElement Base Class
 CEpanetModelAn Epanet-based model object
 CEpanetSyntheticModelForward-simluation model object, based on epanet engine
 CForecastTimeSeriesAn arima - based time series predictor/forecaster
 CJunctionJunction Class
 CLinkLink Class
 CModelA hydraulic / water quality model abstraction
 CModularTimeSeriesA Time Series class that allows a single upstream TimeSeries
 CMysqlPointRecordA persistence layer for MySQL databases
 CNodeNode Class
 COdbcPointRecordA persistence class for SCADA databases
 CPipePipe Class
 CPointA Point Class to store data tuples (date, value, quality, confidence)
 CPointRecordA Point Record Class for storing and retrieving Points
 CPythonInterpreterA singleton python interpreter supporting the EPANET-RTX library
 CStatsTimeSeriesA modular timeseries class for delivering statistical information
 CThresholdTimeSeriesA Status Class to map the input time series into binary status based on a threshold
 CTimeGapTimeSeriesA Class to map the input time series into a series whos values are the time gaps between successive points
 CTimeSeriesAn abstraction of Points ordered in time
 CStatisticsA summary of a collection of points
 CUnitsKeep track of dimensions and units of measure