OWA-EPANET Toolkit  2.2


Defines initial status of selected links at the start of a simulation.


One line per link being controlled containing:

  • Link ID label
  • Status or setting


  1. Links not listed in this section have a default status of OPEN (for pipes and pumps) or ACTIVE (for valves).
  2. The Status value assigned in this section can be OPEN or CLOSED. For control valves (e.g., PRVs, FCVs, etc.) this means that the valve is either fully opened or closed, not active at its control setting.
  3. The Setting value can be a speed setting for pumps or valve setting for valves.
  4. The initial status of pipes can also be set in the [PIPES] section.
  5. Check valves cannot have their status be preset.
  6. Use [CONTROLS] or [RULES] to change status or setting at some future point in the simulation.
  7. If a CLOSED or OPEN control valve is to become ACTIVE again, then its pressure or flow setting must be specified in the control or rule that reactivates it.


; Link Status/Setting
L22 CLOSED ;Link L22 is closed
P14 1.5 ;Speed for pump P14
PRV1 OPEN ;PRV1 forced open
;(overrides normal operation)