OWA-EPANET Toolkit  2.2


Defines all pipe links contained in the network.


One line for each pipe containing:

  • ID label
  • ID of start node
  • ID of end node
  • Length, ft (m)
  • Diameter, inches (mm)
  • Roughness coefficient
  • Minor loss coefficient
  • Status (OPEN, CLOSED, or CV)


  1. Roughness coefficient is unitless for Hazen-Williams and Chezy-Manning head loss formulas and has units of millifeet (mm) for the Darcy-Weisbach formula. Choice of head loss formula is supplied in the [OPTIONS] section.
  2. Setting status to CV means that the pipe contains a check valve restricting flow to one direction.
  3. If minor loss coefficient is 0 and pipe is OPEN then these two items can be dropped from the input line.


;ID Node1 Node2 Length Diam. Roughness Mloss Status
P1 J1 J2 1200 12 120 0.2 OPEN
P2 J3 J2 600 6 110 0 CV
P3 J1 J10 1000 12 120