OWA-EPANET Toolkit  2.2


Defines junction nodes contained in the network.


One line for each junction containing:

  • ID label
  • Elevation, ft (m)
  • Base demand flow (flow units) (optional)
  • Demand pattern ID (optional)


  1. A [JUNCTIONS] section with at least one junction is required.
  2. If no demand pattern is supplied then the junction demand follows the Default Demand Pattern provided in the [OPTIONS] section, or Pattern 1 if no Default Pattern is specified. If the Default Pattern (or Pattern 1) does not exist, then the demand remains constant.
  3. Demands can also be entered in the [DEMANDS] section and include multiple demand categories per junction.


;ID Elev. Demand Pattern
J1 100 50 Pat1
J2 120 10 ;Uses default demand pattern
J3 115 ;No demand at this junction