OWA-EPANET Toolkit  2.2


Supplement to [JUNCTIONS] section for defining multiple water demands at junction nodes.


One line for each category of demand at a junction containing:

  • Junction ID label
  • Base demand (flow units)
  • Demand pattern ID (optional)
  • Name of demand category preceded by a semicolon (optional)


  1. Only use for junctions whose demands need to be changed or supplemented from entries in [JUNCTIONS] section.
  2. Data in this section replaces any demand entered in the [JUNCTIONS] section for the same junction.
  3. An unlimited number of demand categories can be entered per junction.
  4. If no demand pattern is supplied then the junction demand follows the Pattern entry in the [OPTIONS] section, or Pattern 1 if no such pattern is supplied. If the default pattern (or Pattern 1) does not exist, then the demand remains constant.


;ID Demand Pattern Category
J1 100 101 ;Domestic
J1 25 102 ;School
J256 50 101 ;Domestic