OWA-EPANET Toolkit  2.2
Toolkit Versions

The Toolkit comes with two sets of identical functions that programmers can utilize:

  • the single-threaded version of the Toolkit is compatible with previous releases and only works with single threaded applications.
  • the multi-threaded version allows users to create multiple EPANET data sets (called projects) that can be analyzed concurrently.

Both Toolkit versions utilize identical function names and argument lists with the following exceptions:

  • The #include "epanet2.h" directive must appear in all C/C++ code modules that use the single-threaded library while #include "epanet2_2.h" must be used for the multi-threaded library.
  • Function names in the single-threaded library begin with EN while those in the multi-threaded library begin with EN_ .
  • The multi-threaded functions contain an additional argument that references a particular network project that the function is applied to.
  • The multi-threaded library contains two additional functions that allow users to create and delete EPANET projects.
  • The single-threaded library uses single precision for its floating point arguments while the multi-threaded library uses double precision.

To avoid unnecessary duplication this document only discusses the multi-threaded version of the Toolkit.