OWA-EPANET Toolkit  2.2


Defines all pump links contained in the network.


One line for each pump containing:

  • ID label
  • ID of start node
  • ID of end node
  • Keyword and Value (can be repeated)


  1. Keywords consists of:
    • POWER - power for constant energy pump, hp (kw)
    • HEAD - ID of curve that describes head versus flow for the pump
    • SPEED - relative speed setting (normal speed is 1.0, 0 means pump is off)
    • PATTERN - ID of time pattern that describes how speed setting varies with time
  2. Either POWER or HEAD must be supplied for each pump. The other keywords are optional.


;ID Node1 Node2 Properties
Pump1 N12 N32 HEAD Curve1
Pump2 N121 N55 HEAD Curve1 SPEED 1.2
Pump3 N22 N23 POWER 100