OWA-EPANET Toolkit  2.2


Defines junctions modeled as emitters (sprinklers or orifices).


One line for each emitter containing:

  • Junction ID label
  • Flow coefficient, flow units at 1 psi (1 meter) pressure drop


  1. Emitters are used to model flow through sprinkler heads or pipe leaks.
  2. Flow out of the emitter equals the product of the flow coefficient and the junction pressure raised to a power.
  3. The power can be specified using the EMITTER EXPONENT option in the [OPTIONS] section. The default power is 0.5, which normally applies to sprinklers and nozzles.
  4. Actual demand reported in the program's results includes both the normal demand at the junction plus flow through the emitter.
  5. An [EMITTERS] section is optional.